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During much of the 20th century, field hockey was played on natural grass fields. In 1976, however, our sport was transformed as an elite-level hockey competition was played on synthetic turf for the first time. Today artificial grass, especially those specifically designed for hockey, has propelled the sport to new heights of speed, skill, and excitement.

The three primary types of artificial hockey pitches are water-based, sand-dressed, and sand-filled. The main difference between these surfaces is the combination of turf and infill in their chosen artificial hockey system. We will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the unique features and benefits of each field hockey pitch type, enabling you to choose the ideal pitch for your facility with confidence.

Water based field hockey field

Water based field hockey field

The water-based field is suitable for all levels of field hockey and can obtain FIH Global and FIH Global Elite certifications through testing. International field hockey competitions, such as the Olympics and FIH World Cup, require water-based hockey fields. At the top of water-based surface is the fully synthetic grass featuring dense short curly monofilaments that require no infill and are watered to maintain optimum playing standards. When watered, even more skills are possible and players can have maximum impact in the game.

Sand dressed field hockey pitch

Sand dressed field hockey pitch

A sand dressed hockey field is ideal for most hockey applications, capable of accommodating national, local, and club level play, and eligible for FIH National certification. It satisfies most of the requirements of a watered pitch and provides significant economic benefits, making it the most popular type of field hockey field. Its dense fiber surface obscures the sand infill, which helps support the fibers to create a fast, safe, and consistent playing surface.

Sand filled field hockey field

Sand filled field hockey field

Similar to a sand-dressed field, a sand-filled pitch uses sand as the infill material. The difference is that sand-filled hockey pitches are made of less, longer fibers and more sand, leading to a relatively slower ball roll. Nowadays, sand-filled fields built specifically for hockey are infrequent and are better suited for multi-sport use, including hockey. For communities and educational institutions, sand-filled pitches represent the most economical option among our three pitch types.

Discover the Benefits of Artificial Grass Hockey Pitches

Flat and smooth surface

An artificial grass pitch is an excellent option for both experienced and novice players looking to elevate their game to the next level. The flat and smooth surface of the synthetic hockey field provides a consistent ball roll, allowing players to make precise passes and execute quick movements. For those looking for a safe, skilled and enjoyable game of hockey, an artificial turf hockey field is a smart investment.

Aesthetic color innovation

By choosing artificial hockey turf, you can personalize the look and feel of your hockey pitch, selecting from a range of color options that align with your club’s branding or make a bold statement. Incorporating team colors or logos can add an extra layer of visual interest, elevating the overall experience for players and creating a memorable atmosphere for spectators.

Strong and versatile

Artificial grass for hockey is extremely durable due to its dense stitch plus robust face weight. It can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable playing surface all year round. Additionally, the versatility of the artificial grass means that the hockey pitch can also be used for other sports and activities, such as tennis or lacrosse, maximizing the use of the facility.

Minimal maintenance

Maintaining a high-quality field hockey field is crucial for the performance of the players and the longevity of the facility. Fortunately, an artificial grass hockey pitch requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent choice for any hockey facility. With no need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing, your facility can save on resources and focus on providing top-notch playing field for players.

Elevate Your Field Hockey Field withmotiontec-gmbh Turf Solutions

motiontec-gmbh, A FIH Preferred Supplier

A FIH Preferred Supplier

As an FIH Preferred Supplier,motiontec-gmbh artificial hockey systems are tested to meet all the requirements of the FIH quality programme. We are committed to manufacturing high-quality hockey turf products and building field hockey pitches that are suitable for global level, national level, community level and etc. We have full control over the entire process, from manufacture to installation and maintenance, guarantees that every aspect of your hockey field meets the highest standards of quality.

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Moreover, our team of professionals provides consultation services and field design, ensuring that each project is tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We also offer full back-up services, including extensive warranties and maintenance guidance, so you can rest assured that your hockey turf will be maintained and supported throughout its entire lifespan.

Customize your hockey surface

Different types of field hockey pitches are available

motiontec-gmbh offers a variety of high-quality hockey surfaces meeting the high standards required for hockey at all levels of the game. At the elite level of play, the players prefer wet surfaces that are fast, predictable, and consistent. However, not all facilities can afford the irrigation infrastructure or have access to water. The FIH has therefore challenged the industry to create waterless, optimal-performing surfaces.

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For club, college and community hockey, we have developed a range of surfaces that do not use water, but still provide a wonderful playing experience, and at a more viable cost. Additionally, by adjusting the surfaces’ performance it is possible for a hockey field to become a multi-sport venue, allowing tennis, futsal, netball, lacrosse, and other sports to also be played; maximizing investment opportunities.

Different types of field hockey fields

Customize your hockey surface with our unlimited color options

Atmotiontec-gmbh, we offer our clients the ability to customize their hockey surface with our extensive range of color options. Utilizing our own color batching process, we can provide a vast array of colors, including green, blue, red, pink, yellow, and more, to create a visually stunning and personalized hockey pitch. You can color match your field hockey fields, such as the contrast color scheme of blue and green really stands out that is popular with many clubs.

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Our advanced manufacturing techniques guarantee that our colored turf boasts the same level of durability and performance as our traditional green turf. And our synthetic turf has exceptional UV stability, retaining its vibrancy and colorfastness for an extended period, ensuring a long-lasting and visually impressive playing surface.

Featured Field Hockey Fields withmotiontec-gmbh Hockey Turf

motiontec-gmbh, field hockey field, FIH Global Elite certified pitch

motiontec-gmbh three Global Elite field hockey fields boost Chinese National Games

motiontec-gmbh installed three FIH Global Elite certified field hockey fields, specifically chosen for use during the 14th Chinese National Games, with our FastPro HF 13 water-based hockey system, a game-changer in the world of field hockey. With the incorporation of water into the turf, friction is significantly reduced, allowing for easy ball transfers with a low bounce, and players can slide without the risk of injury, resulting in a smoother and faster game.

  • Xi’an Physical Education University Huyi Campus, China
  • FIH Category 1
  • FastPro HF 13
motiontec-gmbh, field hockey pitch, Shobnall Leisure Complex

Barton HC receives a world-class FIH Cat3 field hockey pitch

motiontec-gmbh has delivered a world-class synthetic hockey field at the Shobnall Leisure Complex in Burton on Trent, featuring FIH Category 3 accreditation and serving as the primary pitch for Barton HC. The surface installed is the FastPro HF 18, a heavyweight 18mm texturized turf dressed with sand to support the pile and provide perfect footing for players. It has more fiber in than nearly all other sand-dressed surfaces and remains very fast and smooth in the dry, which is why many choose our FastPro HF18 sand-dressed system.

  • Shobnall Leisure Complex, UK
  • FIH Category 3
  • FastPro HF 18
motiontec-gmbh, high-performance hockey turf field in pop blue and pink

High-performance hockey turf field in pop blue and pink

The field hockey field at Chonburi Campus Stadium boasts a striking pink surround, accentuating the blue artificial turf. The field’s impressive design is matched by its exceptional performance, as it has been awarded FIH Category 2 certification.motiontec-gmbh’s FastPro HF13 system, renowned for its dense and even surface, ensures the field is ideal for fast and safe play, providing players with a top-tier platform to showcase their skills.

  • Institute of Physical Education Chonburi Campus Stadium, Thailand
  • FIH Category 2
  • FastPro HF 13

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