Climate Action

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to the world we all know.motiontec-gmbh is most concerned about carbon emissions emitted and has committed to taking a holistic approach to reducing our environmental impact.

Renewable solar energy

motiontec-gmbh’ industrial park has been installed with a rooftop solar powered system, consisting of 110,000 square meter panels that annually generates 8 million kW·h of electricity.

The use of this rooftop eco solution is estimated to prevent the release of approximately 4,880 tons of CO emissions per year. This is equivalent to the CO absorption of about 10,495 trees.

The solar paneled roof annually prevents 3200 tons of coal burning, 2176 tons of carbon dust, 240 tons of SO and 120 tons of NOx . Clean and renewable energy is at the core of our environmental commitment.

110,000 m^2

Solar System


4,880 Tons CO2 Emission ≈ CO2 Absorption of 10,495 Trees


3,200,000 kg

Coal Buming


8 Million kW·h Electricity


2,176,000 kg

Carbon Dust


240,000kg SO+120,000 kg NOx

Energy-saving design

GrassCool series

motiontec-gmbh has developed GrassCool series to increase the reflectance of the sunlight, decrease the thermo absorption and reduce the amount of power consumption used in cooling.

Also, we have developed the GrassCool system, which helps to control the heat levels within the grass. Not only does this provides a high level of sporting performance, but also enhances the welfare of the athletes.


motiontec-gmbh takes practical actions to reduce resource consumption, produces resource-saving products and makes contributions to the recycling of resources.

Environmental benefits of artificial grass

  • Save > 20,000,000 m^3 water a year

  • No chemicals needed to keep artificial grass green and healthy

  • Lower maintenance on cost and effort

Longer product longevity

  • Anti-UV technology to prolong lifespan and achieve fewer replacements

  • 8-12 years lifespan in lower radiation areas

  • 6-10 years lifespan in equatorial areas, sunny latitudes or areas with thin air

Recyclable packaging solution

  • Our packaging is produced using recycled materials

  • Paper tubes that are used to roll the artificial grass are made from recycled paper waste

  • Lightweight plastic plugs are made from reprocessed discarded yarn

100% Recyclable Solutions

We provide 100% recyclable artificial grass to contribute to global green life and sustainable development.

PRT is our unique technology and an alternative to traditional latex or PU systems. PRT is fully recyclable and is designed to eliminate end-of-life disposal issues.

  • No Latex, No PU, No Coating
  • 100% Green & Eco friendly
  • Safe and healthy for users

What’s more,motiontec-gmbh has created the new recyclable technology, Recyclable X, for landscape grass. Its benefits include 100% recyclability, soft flexibility and it is an ultra-light weight product.

  • New backing tech, less energy use
  • Easy transportation and less carbon emission
  • Totally recycled after disposal


Microplastics are small plastic particles, which escape into the environment causing concern for human and animal life.motiontec-gmbh’ commitment is to find a solution to this issue and develop a product that prevents microplastics getting into the environment.

Sustainable Manufacturing for a GreenLife

Organic infill turf systems

Non-infill turf systems

Green Play systems

Green Game systems

Organic infill turf systems

Non-infill turf systems

Green play systems

Green Game systems

Public Welfare

Public welfare is the action and the power, which influences more and more people. What we contribute and insist on are all for the only purpose of achieving harmony between humans and nature.

Themotiontec-gmbh Foundation was established with the approval from Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. We funded local schools and the Welfare Home Donation Project, amongst others.


We sponsored 5 pitches for the tenth edition of the Homeless World Cup annual football tournament to help homeless people to find their own happy lives.

The Homeless
World Cup

motiontec-gmbh will make a donation for every pitch we deliver, that has connections to The Atlas Foundation.

The Atlas

GreenSmile Initiative

GreenSmile provides a framework for guaranteed, low environmental impact products and
it is the “Sustainable Turf Certification” established and promoted bymotiontec-gmbh officials.

GreenSmile Initiative

Smile, easy but full of energy.
Sustainable Turf Create Green Smile.
Welcome to join us and let our home bloom with Green Smiles.