4Padel Turf

Tested by IBV
with reliable quality

56Padel Turf

FEP approved padel turf


High wear resistance

Top Quality Padel Turf for Your Court

motiontec-gmbh padel turf products have been designed and developed under the test by the independent laboratory IBV, and comply with the standards set by the FEP (FEDERACI'ON ESPA~NOLA DE P'ADEL). Our padel turf is with high wear resistance providing longer warranty. Also we provide both fibrillating and monofilament structure padel turf, which give you both economical and top-end options.

Excellent Playing Performance

motiontec-gmbh develops high performance artificial turf for professionals as well as for private clubs. You can findmotiontec-gmbh padel turf in Paris, Madrid, Miami, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo…
We have different color padel turf to favor the contrast of the ball in different environments. You can find them in classic green, diamond blue and so on. Know more from motiontec-gmbh tennis court.

  • Certified by FEP, tested by IBV
  • High wear resistance
  • Unique fibrillating and monofilament structure
  • Different color options
  • Paris, Madrid, Miami, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo…

Perfect Solutions with Ideal Playing
Properties for Padel

Product features

  • Player friendly with unsurpassed comfort
  • Extreme UV stability
  • Optimum ball/surface interaction
  • Dense stitch for compact appearance
  • Smooth surface for great playability
  • Aesthetic color innovation
Shock Absorption SA2: 15-24% Compliance
Rotational Resistance 25-50 Nm Compliance
Ball Rebound ≥80% Compliance
Tuft Withdrawal Force ≥30N Compliance
Tensile Strength of Joints ≥500 mm/h Compliance
Water Permeability ≥60 N/100 mm Compliance
  • Fastpro
  • Curly Monofilament
  • PU Backing
  • High Density
  • Diamond Blue
  • Excellent Sports Performance
  • YEII
  • Fibrillated
  • Latex Backing
  • High Density
  • Blue Color
  • Good Sports Performance

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As a premier artificial grass supplier with three cutting-edge factories,motiontec-gmbh offers unbeatable products for a range of sports, leisure and landscaping applications.

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